namebini-giizis 2010

namebibi-giizis 2010 Sucker Moon – February In addition to coring Perch Lake, February camp began with a brief overview of the manoomin project from Tom Howse. Students then participated in a variety of studies including plate tectonics/earth quake study, drawing with oil paint sticks in response to the artwork of George Morrison, the math used in snow shoeing and sledding, GPS study using maps from Natural Resources/Fond du Lac Reservation staff , and as always, examining the core.

Morrison Lake Superior Landscape    Artist George Morrison was an American landscape painter and sculptor. His Indian name was Wah Wah Teh Go Nay Ga Bo. He was born in Grand Portage and studied art in the Twin Cities, New York traveling to Paris and Antibes on a Fulbright Scholarship. As an American modernist he concentrated on the horizon line, color and texture Рall inspired by his life growing up along the shores of Lake Superior.



Morrison at the Plains Art Museum

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