gichi-manadoo-giizis 2013

IMG_0005IMG_0140Starting out the new year in a good way was primary for manoomin camp, January 2013. New students joined the group of students in our continued study of Bang Lake as it pertains to phytoliths, diatoms and macrofossils. Considerable time was dedicated to service. Friday night is always exciting. Seeing friends that we haven’t seen, enjoying each other company, catching up on the news is a big part of our first few hourse together.

Dusty Rhodes brought a birdhouse project to camp provideing an opportunitiy for small groups to work together building a birdhouse, customizing it with friendly images and phrases with the intention of giving it away to elders in our community. Students enjoyed the relaxed environment and time together.

IMG_0170IMG_0158IMG_0174Saturday morning was spent in our study at the FDLTCC labs examining the cores taken from Bang Lake. Continued study is expected throughout the year. Students will combine their collective scientific data and oral history on to a poster of the Bang Lake core. Visiting elders who either grew up on or near Bang Lake or community folks who have heard stories from this area will join us at camp to share their knnowledge. Students designed T-shirts for their area of study. Information will be shared and added to a large poster of the Bang Lake core.

IMG_0215IMG_0237The late-afternoon into the evening was spent at the 13 Moons Pow Wow, Black Bear Casino where students served food to nearly 1,000 people. Elders were served personally by the students as it is difficult to carry the food. Students enjoyed meeting friends and family at the gathering and were pleased to be able to serve in a meaningful way.

As always, before we leave one another students share with their families what they did during their time at camp. Sharing with friends and family is the best way to gain confidence in what we know to be true. We look forward to getting together next month.

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