ode’ imini-giizis 2014

Summer 2014 camp participants at Lake Superior

Summer 2014 camp participants at Lake Superior

Camp brought together many new students into our continued study of the earth. We began our transition into studying climate change as we complete our study of manoomin with LacCore/UM.  The week began with students working in small groups to study the geology of the St. Louis River (Jay Cooke State Park). Water samples were also taken to test the health of the water. Tests were conducted at the river and completed the Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College. Canoeing skills were tested on the reservoir.


IMG_6447IMG_6369Throughout the week students wrote daily about what they were learning. Connections were made with our history at Madeline Island (Bayfield, WI). A short day trip to Madeline Island was a highlight. Students visited the cultural museum on the island. Historical and well as contemporary items were exhibited. Discussions with the museum director furthered our understanding of treaties, changes for Ojibwe people once European arrived as well as current issues concerning sulfide mining.

IMG_1585IMG_1545IMG_6443IMG_6463IMG_6468IMG_1648IMG_6460IMG_1547IMG_6455Students participated in other activities building skills by building (and flying) rockets, creating glyph designs for journal covers, choosing a book at Barnes & Nobles, kickball, nature walks, rock wall climbing and scavenger hunts. The week culminated in students presenting to their parents what they learned while at camp.



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