gichi-manidoo-giizis 2016

IMG_2104Friday night was a great night, we had not seen each other since November, dinner was exciting with everyone catching up on what has been happening. We had six new students at camp this weekend!

We started off with a presentation by Nancy Schultz, an environmental specialist for the Fond du Lac Band, on the “Natural Capital in the St. Louis River Watershed”. This presentation was based on a report commissioned by Fond du Lac Resource Management Department, to place an economic value on the resources in the St. Louis River Watershed. The report highlighted the significant natural capital held in the resources of the watershed, its processes, and how it enriches our lives. The value of our watershed ranges from $5 billion to 14 billion, per year! This significant natural capital is rarely taken into consideration when making economic decisions! Before we went to our cabins for the night, we were given directions for a challenge, we need to make a track using 25 sheets of paper and 1 roll of tape that will keep a ping pong ball moving for the longest time. We would compete on Sunday when our parents come for presentations!

On Saturday, we were outside in the woods on snow shoes, talking about phenology and practicing observing, changes in the area with our senses: looking, smelling, touching and hearing all the while thinking about how what we are observing is being affected by climate change. Later we designed our challenge track and started constructing our track! One of the hardest things was, we could not loss our ping pong ball or we will be disqualified!

Ms. Welsh talked about science fair and showed us the blog of Logan Pallin, a student she had in 7th grade who is now doing research in the Antarctic!

Here is his blog:

We talked about our Ojibwe Language and why it is important. We practiced how to introduce ourselves correctly.

We did homework and talked about our grades in school and set goals to work on this month.

Finally, we worked on hydraulic racers, this was hard. Sometimes the directions were wrong. We did not have the correct supplies and we had to convert millimeters into inches! We could not finish before we went to our cabins. We are going to work on this again next camp.

Sunday is always time to pack and clean up our cabins, bring all our stuff over to the classroom building. We finished up our tracks and worked on our presentations. Parents started to come in and things were getting exciting. After brunch we had our challenge, everyone’s design was great and one team was able to keep their ball moving for 10 seconds! Everyone did a great job on the presentations!

Climate Change, Culture, Science, Seasonal camp