gashkadino-giizis 2016

This camp session (November 2016) we looked at the effects of climate change and sea levels rising. The possibility of extreme flooding in the future is becoming a concern for scientist. With the sea level rising from the polar ice caps melting at the alarming rate they are; it is predicted that in the future there will be many places around the world that were above sea level now, but will be gone because they will be under water in the future. The students learned that this is a problem that cannot be ignored.
Another topic for this month’s camp was National American Indian Science and Engineering (NAISEF) annual conference that was being hosted in Minneapolis, MN this year. The students had the privilege to go to the Minneapolis on Saturday to attend some of the seminars being offered. This was an important opportunity for the students to see many other American Indians are all uniting to expand their knowledge in educational and cultural environments. The students left with the idea planted in their minds that the possibilities are endless, you need just dream it and start to make a difference in our world.
Climate Change, Science, Science Fair